Earlier I upgraded to Kubuntu 8.10, which took (with my connection) approximately 2 hours to download and another couple for actually installing the whole thing. Since I have both KDE and Gnome installed side by side, I ended up with a couple of weird errors, which (like magic) were corrected by apt-get. I was only surprised to see that most of my settings were gone. On the flip-side, KDE seems improved: particularly graphically. I see that window transparency was adopted, plus, that the fonts seem to have been smoothened out (smaller?). The default ‘task’bar looks a lot like KDE 3 (again) and I’m almost positive that this was done to help people migrate to KDE 4.

Earlier, we drove into town: the last couple of days the sun managed to break through after we had that downpour of rain at the beginning of the week. Good for Halloween. Talking about Halloween: we were better prepared this year, however, we didn’t get the amount of kids we expected, which means that for the next couple of weeks I’ll be spending my days eating candies and that. Anyway: the nights will be getting shorter and this weekend we’ll be moving the hands of time an hour back. I think this is either a week or a couple of weeks later than they did in Europe.

The word ‘panchromatic’ is in my head and I can’t seem to shake it off: The dog is, for example, panchromatically panting her lungs out. The little kitten (‘Puff’) is slowly coming out of her panchromatic surgery. And the ‘Hissy Fit’, is one big panchromatic pain in the rear end. At panchromatic times, of course. If only the word meant something else.

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