Only. Assorted.

Assorted links I was thinking about this week:

I read that Cunard’s “Queen Elizabeth 2” is officially retiring: in a couple of months the ship sails for her last destination, Dubai, to become a state of the art ‘floating hotel’. I mention this, because a couple of weeks ago, the ship anchored in Saint John.

I’m only slightly following both US and Canadian elections. I’ve not really listened or watched yesterday’s Palin vs. Biden debate, mainly because, I had other poor excuses not to watch it. The Canadian elections I have been following through notes and postings at The Internationalist and of course, the CBC. I actually expect ms. May to do very well: well, at least that the party gets some MPs in the Commons.

If you’ve played Ultima games, you probably remember the name Richard Garriot: via Information Week, I found out that he’s planning to go to the ISS and conduct some official experiments for NASA (link here, apologies for annoying ad in between). I’m, however, surprised to learn that Garriot’s dad was an astronaut. This probably explains the Garriot brother’s obsession with computers and programming. I have fond memories to one of the Ultima games, where the main story highlighted the dangers of sects.

And then, just today, the KDE desktop team released KDE 4.1.2, which is a highly unremarkable release that is supposed to fix a lot of issues in KHTML and Konqueror.

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  1. Marian says:

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Arthur says:

    You’re welcome: I don’t watch too much TV nowadays since we’ve moved to NB.

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