Four, then II

Observations on KDE 4.1:

1. Everytime I restarted, Kate (the editor) and Kopete kept starting up: I didn’t find any references to these programs in the regular location (.kde4/Autostart), so I did a grep on ps (as in ‘ps -e | grep kate’ and ‘ps -e | kopete’), killed both instances and this seems to work. There’s probably a file (cache) related to this, but you know, this is Linux and it doesn’t hurt to kill an app so once in a while.

2. The Wifi Manager: Don’t forget to install the WIFI manager (KWifiManager): it doesn’t get installed by default! Additionally, to force autoconnection to your router, you must store the router password in KWallet.

3. I cannot stand the fact that if I choose to Shutdown KDE, that I have to confirm this in a second dialog box.

4. Both Dolphin and Gwenview currently don’t support RAW image view or thumbnail generation. Nautilus (Gnome’s filebrowser) does.

5. If you keep the control key pressed for a couple of seconds, Konqueror will show the shortcut keys for all links and buttons currently in view. This works pretty good.

KDE starts up pretty fast but takes a while to close off, that is, longer than shutting down Gnome. I’ve seen Windows Vista take longer to close off. Heck, even KDE starts up faster than a (fully) loaded Windows XP. Additionally, I have the feeling that (for example) Konqueror doesn’t properly dispose of its resources. However, I will readily admit that I made KDE the default desktop environment for this computer.

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3 Responses to Four, then II

  1. alfons says:

    No, that’s because of X sessions. (.sessionrc or .session). IIRC go to the control panel, or what it’s called and disable one of the session manager options.

  2. Arthur says:

    Right. If only they hadn’t drastically changed Kcontrol. It doesn’t even exist!

    What really bites is that neither Dolphin nor Konqueror or Glenview supports thumbnail generation of RAW images. For this, I need to invoke Nautilus…

  3. Arthur says:

    But for the rest, KDE looks a lot more streamlined than Gnome.

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