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From bridge to evolution

A bunch of links, collected from the Internet: The prime-minister was in Saint John last Friday and gave away a freebie for the people of Saint John: The toll booths on the Saint John Harbour bridge will disappear. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Fighting Windmills Squadron

News outlet AFP reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has accused the Netherlands of plotting to overthrow the Iranian government. The Dutch [project] aimed to encourage sexual and moral deviation in society I’d like to hear what kind of moral … Continue reading

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A suffering object

An assortment of links, or as my English-speaking portion of my brain prefers to call them: a ‘whole bunch of I-forgets’. A while ago, a Dutch teacher discovered a weird object in the constellation of ‘Leo Minor’. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Who broke it?

You may have witnessed theme switching the last couple nights: it happened so fast that you wouldn’t even know it was me. I’ve been working on changing the layout accordingly, something that involved plenty of PHP stuff because the original … Continue reading

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