A suffering object

An assortmentA feeling that something is weird of links, or as my English-speaking portion of my brain prefers to call them: a ‘whole bunch of I-forgets’.

A while ago, a Dutch teacher discovered a weird object in the constellation of ‘Leo Minor’. Thanks to the discovery, it looks like that the Dutch word ‘Voorwerp’ is going to be the next famous Dutch word (The other word of course being ‘apartheid’). The word itself reminds me of long and repetitive Dutch grammar classes and yes that particular part, ‘lijdend’ voorwerp.

Talking about ‘suffering objects’, what can I say about the Conservapedia vs. Lenski spat? Not much, considering ArsTechnica‘s excellent breakdown of, well, the breakdown of Conservapedia? Too much spare time. Additional bonus: Reddit thread.

Slashdot reports that Microsoft released the specifications for pre-2007 Office file formats. And here I was thinking that I’ve read about this before (earlier on xsamplex). On the good side, that is if you feel obliged, go hack at the fileformat. This also reminds me of a website that discusses several other well-known binary formats, including PDF.

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