I thoughtA blue boat Mark’s posting about the new Adobe Acrobat 9 was the hilarious. If you’re into more snark, try the Adobe Acrobat 9 installation guide as done by the MicroPledge site.

After the unpacking, the install process itself took 10 minutes. I could only thank Adobe’s engineers, presuming they were filling up my hard drive with yummy icons, tasty DLLs, and amazing 3D JavaScript add-ons. No matter — the 210 MB it required was there to be used.

I was doing some Delphi coding earlier this week and was reminded of the fact that the Borland Inprise Borland Codegear… OK, let me try that again. I was doing some Delphi coding earlier this week and I had noticed (before) that the former Borland tools were bought up by Embarcadero Technologies. I could say this nicely, but lets keep it friendly for now1: at least the designer of Delphi (and earlier Pascal compilers) ended up designing the C# language and .Net Framework (see also The Borland Conspiracy Theory). I only wished that the Pascal language designers had done away with the silly ‘assignment’ syntax (:=): you know, with this emerging emoticons craze on these Internets I could say it slightly resembles a guy growing a thick beard. Oh wait, this just came through my earpiece: the emoticons craze is so early 90s.

1 Though, programming in Delphi taught me to write solid leak-free code, I guess. Oh the joys of freeing up objects yourself

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