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Who broke it?

You may have witnessed theme switching the last couple nights: it happened so fast that you wouldn’t even know it was me. I’ve been working on changing the layout accordingly, something that involved plenty of PHP stuff because the original layout of a theme didn’t fit what I wanted to see. I have no plans for an immediate change over: after all, this bare-to-the-bones template has always been fast enough and has served me quite well the last couple of years.

That said: Microsoft launched the Zune 2 player, which, as you may have found out had a couple of favourable reviews. What’s unforgivable is Microsoft’s world wide rollout: that is, it appears that the world is actually only made out of the US. Zune Originals says it so prominently:

Sorry, this site is currently unavailable from your location. Please visit Zune.net for the latest news and information.

OK. Maybe in a few years then?1

Earlier this morning I ended up at Luis Sinco’s amazing story (and pictures) of the Marlboro Marine, which is about an Iraq veteran returning home.

And last but not least, MetaFilter has a discussion-thread about the upcoming PBS documentary about the Kansas trial. It is a long thread but worth every minute reading. Related: Eugenie Scott videos at Google, most of them discussing the history of Creationism and Evolution. Excellent stuff.

1 Officially, Zune’s are still not sold in Canada.

The Duh

I think I saw the announcement of the new Boing-Boing TV on MetaFilter or Reddit, I can’t remember (Oh wait, it was via Laughing Squid). I generally have no problems with videocasts (For example, I always enjoyed watching ‘Rocketboom with Amanda Congdon’ and ‘Ze Frank’), but the show produced by Boing-Boing was not something I could bear longer than one minute. I also know why: it smells ‘over-produced’, thanks to that ‘glossy soft-focus’ look. Yeah, ‘over-produced’ sounds like the right word.

Hey: Microsoft announced their Zune 2.0s. The only real killer feature of the Zune is the wireless connection feature, which allows Zune users (limited) filesharing. And talking about Microsoft, I hear that they plan to release .Net code under (Microsoft’s specific) Reference License (which falls under the company’s Shared Source Initiative, which allows you to view the sources but not to copy and ‘recompile’ them). Read the Slashdot thread.

And to top it off, at CBC’s there’s an excellent discussion (and a podcast) about the HPV vaccine.