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Eurovision 2004

In a couple of hours (I think) the yearly Eurovision Song Festival will kick off, which brought me to the BBC’s Eurovision pages. I noticed something silly when going over the contestants list, singers and songtitles: Most titles are in … Continue reading

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Not. Again.

Via the Null Device (link), the timely announcement that it’s time for the yearly Eurovision Songcontest (link) and all the hoopla and camp that comes with it. Actually, the very first link goes to Der Spiegel, which is an article … Continue reading

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The Tele and then that

I read that CBS’s Evening News is falling behind in rates (originally via Alan). Some media reports blame this on America’s first (female) anchor, Kate Couric. And a recent Gallup poll reinforced the notion that Ms. Couric had become a … Continue reading

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Bring the Buzz

I found out that today it’s Eurovision Songfestival day (all related items at xsamplex). Actually, was: the winner is a Serbian ballad singer, who apparently beat a Ukranian drag queen. The final results can be viewed here. The BBC has … Continue reading

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Brush your teeth, everyday!

Over a year ago, I wrote a long entry about the Eurovision song contest, in which I tried to attempt to link to all winning artists from the 70s to now. Since the rise of the YouTube phenomenon it’s finally … Continue reading

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I‘ve been following the ‘Dutch Immigration’ debate via the regular channels (which is at the ‘uitzending gemist’ site [Dutch]). The embracing of Hirshi Ali by the blogosphere’s ‘right’ is, so to say stunning. Anyways, I see that laws can be … Continue reading

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I won!

In the mother of all bets, a couple of previous entries down below, I said that the Eurovision Songcontest winner was going to be ‘female with a song about nothing’. I was right! And this time I didn’t even have … Continue reading

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Milk and Honey, huh.

Note: today’s the Eurovision songfestival finals, as I promptly announced in my Elsewhere links the other day (Dutch are out, horrors!). Apparently you can follow it online too, but prepare for clogged up Ethernet lines when millions of Europeans and … Continue reading

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