I‘ve been following the ‘Dutch Immigration’ debate via the regular channels (which is at the ‘uitzending gemist’ site [Dutch]). The embracing of Hirshi Ali by the blogosphere’s ‘right’ is, so to say stunning. Anyways, I see that laws can be mended to fit the need of one single person. What can you say...And before you start cheering hurray, most likely Ali will be the center of another round of controversies when she starts to work at the AEI. There’s a couple of word that describes that behaviour, and I think it’s called ‘political opportunism’. A perfect match one would say.

Good news though: The Dutch were kicked out of the semi-finals of the Eurovision Songcontest! I think they were beaten by a Finnish Hardrock band that uh… well: Think of it, surely these tough looking ladies would have never made it against a bunch of orcs? Where’s Gandalf?1

Oh: so much for the cheers on the news of the capture of the ‘one-legged’ Taliban. As you know, Afghanistan’s world-famous landmines fields have made plenty of victims, most of them having lost limbs. Like-uh, legs, likely. In a way, I feel sorry for the mix-up. Imagine you being the guy they were looking for and trying to explain the media that you’re still out there. Isn’t that a scene from ‘Back To The Future’?

And via Alan, this remarkable note about a ‘living fossil’, soon to be featured at your local ‘McLobster’ reseller. And that’s it for now. Have a great morning.

1 Update: It looks like that the Finnish band (‘We are the orcs’) Lordi has won the 2006 Eurovision songcontest. Bonus link at Metafilter. More bonus link at AskMefi.

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