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I found UK’s Scoochout that today it’s Eurovision Songfestival day (all related items at xsamplex). Actually, was: the winner is a Serbian ballad singer, who apparently beat a Ukranian drag queen. The final results can be viewed here.

The BBC has some pictures (here) and the one with the British band Scooch had me laughing. I don’t know why: I guess the Brits1 ended up at the bottom 5 at the list but for some kind of reason I think their act might be a great fit for the KLM’s new Frequent Flyer commercials. “Did the right song win?”, the BBC is asking their readers:

We do not deserve points for entering a song that sounds like it was written by BA (editor: British Airways).

The last time I flew BA, I’m pretty sure the flight attendants didn’t have light-blue suits. You’ve got your facts wrong, bud.

1 Scooch’s (official) website

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2 Responses to Bring the Buzz

  1. alfons says:

    What? No teenage drag queens with life sized troll outfits singing about peace, harmony, milk and honey?
    Where’s Johnny Logan when we need him?

  2. Arthur says:

    Where’s Johnny Logan when we need him?

    I don’t think I want to hear him in 24-bits sound…

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