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Know. Knol.

Last week, Google opened their ‘Knol’ site for the general public: It’s a knowledgebase and it’s targeting the other knowledgebase we learnt to hate and love, Wikipedia. The web itself is divided in the (usual) camps: Love it and Hate … Continue reading

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The TeleTube

My TubeTrek started with this thread on MetaFilter (which disappeared from the frontpage) with links to all the episodes of ‘Little Mosque On The Prairie’ (CBC, Wikipedia). It’s not an overly funny sitcom: it’s (at times) preachy and maybe this … Continue reading

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Computer stuff then: The first thing that caught my attention was the ‘FizzBizz’ discussion (started here). The main point of discussion is how to filter out programmers from not-programmers by asking them to write a simple program. I’ve got a … Continue reading

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