The TeleTube

My TubeTrek started with this thread on MetaFilter (which disappeared from the frontpage) with links to all the episodes of ‘Little Mosque On The Prairie’ (CBC, Wikipedia). It’s not an overly funny sitcom: it’s (at times) preachy and maybe this is the right word, idealistic. The cast is at times flawless, more so than the cast of ‘Corner Gas’.

Later on, I watched a couple of episodes of Season 2 of ‘The IT Crowd’ (you can find them on Google Video). Episode 1 is hilarious, however, having seen last year’s season finale, I was surprised that it actually didn’t follow-through.

Alfons mentioned that he actually liked the 1UP produced ‘1UP Show’, which I haven’t had time to watch yet. I assume it’s about games and geeks and they appear to have a popular following in Olde Country too (Dutch link, with Dutch subtitling, I think). And it appears that if you’re into photography, Magnum Photos has excellent video podcasts (once again via Alfons).

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