Not the Net

Apparently there was an high-speed outage this morning, lasting up to noon. Remarkably, the router was able to connect to my provider’s gateway plus it was (assigned) a correct IP address. Routing on the provider’s end, however, completely failed. I decided to loop up what went wrong, but it seems that even the Aliant’s network status page isn’t updated that frequently. As of today it still says:

Network Status: There are no known outages at this time. Last Update: 5/2/07 12:50 PM

Brilliant: I guess reporting network status is so Eighties.

I read an article at the CBC’s about wind energy and its potential in Nova Scotia. The provincial government has released online maps that show where wind turbines would be productive. It doesn’t surprise me that Cape Breton is one of the windiest places. The maps can be found at the Department of Energy website (PDF file alert).

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