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Four weeksago or so, NASA’s JPL successfully landed the rover “Curiosity” (wikipedia) on Mars. The landing was probably one of the most watched (and celebrated) events on the Internet, witness the many gifs of cheering NASA people (Happy NASA guy … Continue reading

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Know. Knol.

Last week, Google opened their ‘Knol’ site for the general public: It’s a knowledgebase and it’s targeting the other knowledgebase we learnt to hate and love, Wikipedia. The web itself is divided in the (usual) camps: Love it and Hate … Continue reading

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I had troubles with a patched up version of the Flashplayer 10 plugin (Ubuntu-non-free) this weekend and I wasn’t surprised to see a new patch being applied just a couple of hours ago. Additionally, it looks like a Firefox patch … Continue reading

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Computers and other news.

Earlier this week, I heard that the International Space Station’s computers crashed. ‘It was the Americans fault’, according to the Russians: Russian specialists believe that the new solar panel installed by the Atlantis astronauts during their spacewalk could be the … Continue reading

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Strange as it does

There were a couple of items in the news that caught my eyes, that is not including the frigid temperatures over here: Astronaut and the love triangle that went wrong: An astronaut (and a successful one at that), a lover … Continue reading

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