Strange as it does

There were a couple of items in the news that caught my eyes, that is not including the frigid temperatures over here:

Astronaut and the love triangle that went wrong: An astronaut (and a successful one at that), a lover and another one. How do you end up throwing a successful carreer away?

Microsoft to support OpenID: Bill Gates announced that Microsoft will support OpenID 2.0. However, I tend to be just as skeptic as Bruce Schneier who says that “Microsoft has a long history of ‘supporting and then co-opting’ open standards”. Embrace, extend and extinguish.

Steve Jobs’ thoughts on music has the blogosphere buzzing. The gist: Maybe we should get rid of DRM? Frankly the main clue is actually in the last paragraph where Jobs says that:

Much of the concern over DRM systems has arisen in European countries.

You may have heard that a lot of EU states are considering banning iTunes, following France’s example to ban iTunes completely. I wonder how much that is hurting Apple’s pockets.

And hey, and so once in a while small guys win in domain name disputes. Well, for now it seems.

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