A closer look

SoStatisticsmeone was curious about the current (running) statistics of this domain, and particularly, this blog. I’ll let you do the math.

Some side comments: about the majority of traffic comes from search engines, as you could have told from the extra category I set up just to cover those specific (popular) keywords. There’s obviously (and this totally surprises me) interest for particular information about ‘pico-salax’ (imagine that), P100 SD3 review’, ‘The People are heroes lyrics’, ‘OdbcDataReader+example’ and others. These hits are consistently found in the logfiles (particularly the Pico-Salax one), which makes me highly doubtful about these search-engine optimization ‘techniques’ claims (this is not going to make everybody reading this happy). Primarily, it seems, that the web is about sharing useful information (and obviously media) and not for your paid-by-whoever info-advertisements. There was a time in the early 90s that the web was all about finding specific information too.

Maybe not all hope is lost.

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