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You can get out of your bunkers now: I hear that the first test run at the LHC was a smashing success. The actual smashing happens later this year, so you may want to keep an eye on any black … Continue reading

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Via Digg, I think, a NASA/MSNBC/Microsoft collaboration to show off the PhotoSynth technology: Space World. I don’t think I ever mentioned it here before: PhotoSynth is an application that can create interactive/3d-like environments from a set of photos. The technology … Continue reading

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In science today…

I read that astronomers have read detected light from the earliest stars in the galaxy. To be exact: Light that shone 13 Billion years ago. The astronomers used a technique called ‘gravitational lensing’ (using gravity of nearby objects to magnify … Continue reading

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You’ve got flu

I happened to run into a meeting with the flu, last Monday, and I’m gradually recovering. I’ve not been sick since I’ve lived here: a feat I thought was so unique that it could have earned me a place in … Continue reading

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The Tech, The Science and Space

For no reason I was earlier up than normal, today: with the extra time I had I looked into several compiler-compilers (or parsers/scanners) targetting C#. I ran into a couple of ones: First of all there’s ANTLER (Public Domain, needs … Continue reading

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