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For no New Horizon’s Flybyreason I was earlier up than normal, today: with the extra time I had I looked into several compiler-compilers (or parsers/scanners) targetting C#. I ran into a couple of ones: First of all there’s ANTLER (Public Domain, needs runtime). Secondly, there’s GOLD (written in VB, Freeware, needs runtime), which can output to multiple programming languages, including C#, ADA and Java. And there’s COCO/R (other link), a system I’m actually familiar with, if I just can find those earlier experiments.

The hunt for the Higgs Boson is almost on: Today, a milestone was reached in the construction of the LHC, as the BBC reports (reporter’s impression). Cern has a report too.

Two flybys made it in the news: First ESA’s Rosetta made it past Mars (News in chronological order: 1, 2, 3) and shot some pretty images. And then, just today, NASA’s ‘New Horizon’s’ probe flew by Jupiter and sent back imagery from Jupiter and some of its moons (news at NASA, fly by trajectory).

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