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I woke up late this morning to notice that the alarm-clock was blinking. It had been blinking for 22 minutes already: which means that we had a power outage around 9:00 AM. This is not spectacular news, albeit that today’s it’s Canada Day. I assume this is Nova Scotia Power’s way to say ‘Happy Canada Day’.

This reminds me that a couple of months ago, I sent NS Power an e-mail regarding the early DST this year and the power savings thanks to that in the US (hint: bar none). I quote:

Two years ago, the US congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which included an extension to Daylight Savings Time for 2007. According to US Congress, extending Daylight Savings Time was going to conserve energy.
With Canada following suit this year, my question is, was there a noticable change in electricity usage in March?


The reply from NS Power was short and brief:

Thank you for contacting us online. Usage for March 2007 has been consistent with other years usage and as a result we have not noticed a significant decrease in electricity.

So, there you have it.

Daylight Savings

A couple of days I was reading about the energy saving component of the US Energy Policy Act 2005 (Wikipedia), the extension of DST by 4 weeks (earlier on xsamplex). Apparently, power companies in the US didn’t notice a big change.

“There might have been a small increase in morning lighting, and a slightly larger decline in evening lighting usage,” said a spokeswoman at New Jersey utility Public Service Enterprise Group Inc, “but that modest decline will have no impact on its overall sales or earnings.”

What was Congress thinking?

This also reminds me that when I was over in The Netherlands, it appeared to be getting darker sooner than over here in Nova Scotia. Thinking of that, it reminds me of a comment Alfons made when he was over here the very first time, saying that “The light is so bright over here”.

You’ve got flu

I happened to run into a meeting with the flu, last Monday, and I’m gradually recovering. I’ve not been sick since I’ve lived here: a feat I thought was so unique that it could have earned me a place in the Guinness World Record book.

That said, I’m almost certain that the cold spell (-10 to -16 degrees temperatures) had something to do with it too. So, tomorrow it finally looks like we’re back to subzero degrees, with the additional touch of rain. Gone will be the couple of centimeters, to reveal that bunch of left-over leafs from last Fall.

Tomorrow, or rather Sunday morning, we’ll be moving into Daylight Savings Time, thanks to the brilliant decision made by US senators. I’d like to see statistics or data on the purported energy savings for those extra 4 or 6 weeks.

1. During my illness, I actually enjoyed watching videos like this (excellent) episode of the Dutch science show ‘Noorderlicht’ (featuring Lee Smolin), and ‘The Man Who Wouldn’t Paint Hitler’
2. Update 03/12/07: Slashdot discussion about the not-so-many-savings of Day Light Savings.