I woke up late this morning to notice that the alarm-clock was blinking. It had been blinking for 22 minutes already: which means that we had a power outage around 9:00 AM. This is not spectacular news, albeit that today’s it’s Canada Day. I assume this is Nova Scotia Power’s way to say ‘Happy Canada Day’.

This reminds me that a couple of months ago, I sent NS Power an e-mail regarding the early DST this year and the power savings thanks to that in the US (hint: bar none). I quote:

Two years ago, the US congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which included an extension to Daylight Savings Time for 2007. According to US Congress, extending Daylight Savings Time was going to conserve energy.
With Canada following suit this year, my question is, was there a noticable change in electricity usage in March?


The reply from NS Power was short and brief:

Thank you for contacting us online. Usage for March 2007 has been consistent with other years usage and as a result we have not noticed a significant decrease in electricity.

So, there you have it.

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