Golden Brown

And Stranglers - Golden Brownthen I was humming The Stranglers’ ‘Golden Brown’ out of the blue (sample, 30+ sec, or Daily Motion video).

If you’re not familiar with the song, in short, it’s the only hit I know that has a 6/8 time signature, which is one good reason to like the song. Actually, the instrumental adds another extra beat so once in while which makes this song the only (popular) song I know with a 13/8 time signature making it hard to grasp at times. I was in my early teens when I heard this song first: in a later part of my life this song (when played in an out-of-town club) frequently served as a reminder to get the last train back to my home city.

I’m (for the rest) not familiar with the rest of the band’s repertoire: Wikipedia calls the music of the band a mix of ‘intellectual absurd punk new wave’ and (briefly) mentions that the band players were classical/jazz music-trained. Additionally, the members had different opinions about musical directions, eventually leading to the (inevitable split) in the early 90s.

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