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One of the more fascinating subjects that seem to occupy the news is the tsunami debris field that has slowly descended on western parts of Canada. Earlier this year, a Japanese HD motorcycle that washed up in Canada made the … Continue reading

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A bird. A what?

Now that I’m a full-blooded Canadian (previously),there are a couple of distinctive things that make the difference between the continents I’ve lived on, North America and Europe. The five things that truly surprised me: Snow. During my very first snowstorm, … Continue reading

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It’s a plane…

It’s a plane, it’s a bird, no, it’s a new Canadian citizen. So on October 20th of 2010 (20-10-2010, which is a highly remarkable set of numbers if I might say so), I became a Canadian citizen after having been … Continue reading

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Welcome to the internets

I read Something Awful’s ‘Deadly Premonition’ review the other day: many other gaming review sites have called this game ‘horrible’ to ‘outrageously bad’ (see Metacritic). Obviously, the makers of the game (age check required) were Twin Peaks fans, as some … Continue reading

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Not so, so.

It appears that the US NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) watered down the Iranian threat saying that ‘it has high confidence that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but that it was continuing to enrich uranium‘. This (of course) … Continue reading

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Yo. Boris Yeltsin died. I can’t exactly remember how he became president of Russian Federation but I recall seeing video of Gorbachev’s last words as the official leader of the former CCCP. That was probably close after the August Putsch … Continue reading

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Stats, Canada

You may have noticed that the results of the Census 2006 were officially released today. If you plan to dive in the numbers yourself: The Flash version at CBC’s is god-awful: for a good overview, you may just as well … Continue reading

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Last week, I read about the Canadian Tax problems, which forced the Revenue centre to shutdown operations because of ‘inconsistent’ data. I hear that they expect to be up and running starting next Thursday. Earlier, via the Postgres mailing-list, I … Continue reading

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