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Welcome to the internets

I read Something Awful’s ‘Deadly Premonition’ review the other day: many other gaming review sites have called this game ‘horrible’ to ‘outrageously bad’ (see Metacritic). Obviously, the makers of the game (age check required) were Twin Peaks fans, as some of the reviewers noted, as it features twins, absurd story lines and an FBI agent. Also, if you’re a Twin Peaks fan, you’ll recognize the photo in the screenshot above (if not, here ya go). Too bad the game is only released for the XBOX 360 platform.

I’ve only slightly followed the NoSQL movement and mostly because it was linked to from one of the mails I get from the Postgres mailinglist. I’m not certain how people can call databases ‘non-scalable’ when most serious databases (including MySQL, I guess) have been around for ages. If you can’t get the right performance out of a database, you probably have to rethink your indexing strategy and if you’re too lazy to do that, you’ll probably end up at in the NoSQL corner. But seriously, this in fact doesn’t mean that SQL servers are becoming outdated and I don’t think they will just yet.

I also read that the PM is looking to replace the current governor-general, Michaelle Jean (the official site). I think she was appointed by Paul Martin in 2005: I was certain that the GG was there for life (or until they resign/retire). From all the suggestions in that CBC article, I find only William Shatner a compelling candidate1. The other ones, not so much.

1 Uh: on preview maybe not…