Not so, so.

It appears that the US NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) watered down the Iranian threat saying that ‘it has high confidence that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but that it was continuing to enrich uranium‘. This (of course) goes against all the signals that the current Bush administration has been sending to the press. Even at this stage, the President says that we should see this report as a ‘warning signal’. I recall other warning signals.

Earlier, Schreiber testified for a federal committee and promised fireworks: in short, his allegations suggest that a former Canadian Prime Minister improperly acquired large sums of money. There’s a another side to the story: for years Schreiber has been fighting extradition to Germany, where he’s wanted for tax evasion.

We had a major storm heading our way last night and the snow outside looks a bit strange this early. I expect this snow to be hanging around here until Spring 2008.

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