Papal blessings for breakdancing

After nearly two decades, the Pope has given his blessings to a group of Polish breakdancers. Finally people like the Rock Steady Crew, The Dynamic Rockers, or even better, yours truly (who happened to be a talented headspinner) and his bro (a talented backspinner), can enjoy a bit of recognition. Yo, we rocked: but I’ll never forget those mid-Eighties when religious freaks dared to call Breakdancing, ‘The Dance of Satan’. Breakdancers? Why, of course: They were tools of Satan.

Luckily we knew better: If I think back to those ‘dark days’ of performing breaks, encouraged by music, cheering people (‘Yo, HEADSPIN’), I keep thinking about those uptight religious critics and zealots. And reading back that the Pope John Paul II, the symbol of the Eighties, enjoyed the performance of Polish breakers, proves that we, little teeny and fragile 13 year old breakers, were morally right: after all it was all about having (innocently) plain fun.

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