The Ring Thing

The BBC reports on abstinence programmes in the US and the center of discussion around those programmes:

“Is it a legitimate response to a clear medical danger, or is it a moral crusade, driven by a specific interpretation of Christian values?”

The BBC throws in an interesting and worrisome anecdote from one of the leaders of an abstinence program (The Silver Ring Thing):

“Denny confides that he believes that the end of the world is nigh and that Christ will return within a generation.

And so where does abstinence fit into that vision? Well, abstinence, he says, is a tool to reach young people for God, safeguarding them for the Second Coming. ”

Amazing that these things can be said and done in the 21st century: that’s that century where science allowed us to put rovers on Mars.

3 thoughts on “The Ring Thing

  1. Matt

    Hence, the very reason my partner and I are moving to Canada. Fully half of Americans have lost their minds, and/or given them over to fundamentalist Christian values which cloud their and their political leaders’ judgement.

  2. phil

    Dont go to Canada! Its full of Canadians with dangerous corrupting minds. Your children will grow up having their minds filled with vacuous secular “post modern” nonsense and will end up as unhappy shadows of the Americans they could have (should have) been. And they’ll have ridiculous accents.

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