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Words to watch for

The words (or rather terms) to watch for in the next coming years are: Gravitational Lensing: I’ve mentioned this topic before, and trust me, it’s the most discussed topic in my neighbourhood. Better yet, every morning, I wake up to … Continue reading

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Hey you!

Via Alfons, I found out that one of my nephews is breakdancing. Better yet, according to sources, breakdancing is actually still pretty popular over in Europe. I find this hilarious, because over 20 years ago, both yours truly and his … Continue reading

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Papal blessings for breakdancing

After nearly two decades, the Pope has given his blessings to a group of Polish breakdancers. Finally people like the Rock Steady Crew, The Dynamic Rockers, or even better, yours truly (who happened to be a talented headspinner) and his … Continue reading

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