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I have been thinking about my ‘breakdance’ period a lot recently for no apparent reason, except for that it was triggered by the song ‘Uprock’ from the Rock Steady Crew (DailyMotion video and my own sample on this server in … Continue reading

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Hey you!

Via Alfons, I found out that one of my nephews is breakdancing. Better yet, according to sources, breakdancing is actually still pretty popular over in Europe. I find this hilarious, because over 20 years ago, both yours truly and his … Continue reading

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Papal blessings for breakdancing

After nearly two decades, the Pope has given his blessings to a group of Polish breakdancers. Finally people like the Rock Steady Crew, The Dynamic Rockers, or even better, yours truly (who happened to be a talented headspinner) and his … Continue reading

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