Note to self: Meh... Or Yay.the source version of ffmpeg comes with h264 presets. Earlier, I mentioned where to get the ffmpeg binary from (note, as far as I can see, the last build was done in 2008), so there may (indeed) other recent versions hanging around somewhere. The presets are in ‘ffpresets’ directory: Most of them seem related to x264 encoding.

I also noticed that the commandline parameters seem to change at the whim of the developers. I already ‘compensated’ for most of these issues, but was rather surprised to find that my ‘latest’ SVN build wasn’t so ‘recent’. Alright, at least we took care of that during the initial design stage.

For more details on specific iPod based command-line arguments, Robert Swain’s ‘iPod video guide’ got me past most of the initial encoding issues.

Added screenshot (see above): Lets see how good the commandline arguments are…

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