I haveOh Dear been making small progress on my own front-end for FFMPeg (earlier on xsamplex). Earlier I was rounding up the serializers (data persistence, data schmersistence): the threading code was finished months ago. I just have to connect the last dots, which is basically user interface stuff. Most likely I’ll end up redoing some of the serialization but it’s, like I said, pretty much done.

This reminds me of a couple of things: The FFMPeg developers maintain a list of software venders that violate the software’s license (GPL). Their list (“Hall Of Shame”) can be found at the FFMPEG website. Just a couple of seconds ago, I saw a google ad (see picture above) and I thought the name in that ad rang a bell. Oh noes, they’re in the issues trackerz!

I also noticed that a lot of people ask for ‘how to track progress FFMPEG’ and they end up at the very first post I wrote on interfacing with FFMPEG’s command-line. This is not too difficult and requires parsing of the error output (you probably need a state machine too). At one time, a programming board linked here with pointers how to track the frames and translated that to time, which they basically extracted from the bare information that I put in my sample code. I can’t find the link though, so will add that at a later stage.

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