This. means. Winter.

The last couple of days I had the tune of the game ‘This Means War’ (Microprose, 1993? 1994?) in my head and that, generally, is not a good sign.

I mean, from Thursday to Saturday the thermometer hit a new low with 30 degrees Celsius at night and in the early morning. If you can’t imagine how that feels, lets say it this way: -19 degrees is a lot warmer than -30. You can also easily tell the difference between the two temperatures: if it’s -30, whatever you breath out will freeze right on contact with the cold air. This doesn’t happen rightaway at -19 degrees Celsius.

There were also early warnings that we’re were going to get snow on Monday (tomorrow), but today, I have already cleaned the deck twice. Tomorrow it will be a bright white day, I think.

But I don’t want to close on a bad note, though: As they say in the US, ‘the state of the climate of New Brunswick is strong’. For example, I was always convinced that February was the coldest month of the year: However, Weather Canada says that statistically (the numbers, the numbers), January is the coldest month:

January is the coldest month in New Brunswick… [ ] … At Edmundston, the January mean temperature is -12.2C. As we move south, however, this coldness is gradually tempered by the effects of latitude and, to a greater extent, the sea. Along the south-eastern shores, the January mean is around -7.5C.

Uh, although I think they have to include this years temperatures. That will probably bring the average down to, a uh, slightly bit more.

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    I can’t post to yer blog from my iPhone.

  2. alfons says:

    Hmnng? I can’t post anything at all? Or is that that moderating thing???

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    Your comments end up being caught by Akismet…

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