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Summer respite and yards

We seem to be slightly going back to normal temperatures here in SJ: that is, cooler temperatures particularly in the morning. You might say that this Summer was one of the warmest: Even Accuweather seems to be suggesting the very same. If I recall correctly, we had 2 weeks of scorching temperatures and even now, I don’t think we’re totally out of troubles yet. But yeah, the temperature changes in the morning (and the dew and our famous fog at that) are refreshing. One could say, I’m almost ready for Winter.

So, the state of the yard is so – so: This was the first year, I’ve seen brown grass patches around the yard. Partially, I blame myself for rigorously cutting the grass too low. There seems to be a good part to the story tho: We cut some of the banks and weeds so low that the wild berry bushes and thistles have been thriving which in turn attracted a lot more ‘good’ insects (bees and monarchs) to our backyard. I believe last year I mentioned I would never take down thistles as they literally serve as ‘lunch rooms’ for foraging working bees. This year the same holds true.

Flora and fauna

If I eliminated statistical weather data, I would say that this year’s weather is going to beat all records. First we had too much snow. When March came, we slowly went to wet weather. Which is about the same weather we have right now, and it’s the end of June. Not that it’s cold: it just appears that it has been raining now every weekend. Obviously, this is good for the grass and the weeds. As for the birds and other animals: besides the groundhog around the property, I highly doubt they love this weather.

I read that Canadian geese are not welcome in some parts of Canada. The NB town of Nackawic (Google maps) has applied for permits to cull some of these birds. According to CBC, there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to these geese. Apparently.

One of the first things that came to my mind when I came to SJ was that it was an ‘artsy city’. On top of that, I thought there were too many derelict buildings around. Take for example the former Kings Square Cinema theatre: It must have been empty for ages now. Last year, it looked like someone was doing some construction to the front and facade, but, today, the building looks like it needs to be demolished. Hopefully that will be soon.

Savings Time

We’re going to DST this weekend (as shown in this picture with so many pretty colours), which came to a surprise to many. Currently, at 6:30 AM, there’s already plenty of light to shoot photos at 100 ISO: By Sunday, it’s probably time to change your pants into shorts. If I’m not wrong, Europe is still basking in the dark at 7 AM: compare Amsterdam, NL (haha intentional abbreviation pun) with Saint John, NB: there’s almost 20 minutes difference there.

The only reason why we’re going so early to DST is (of course) because of the silly US Energy Act of 2005 (previously at xsamplex). Now might probably a good time to follow-up on this.

Update 1: DST in Europe starts on March 29th.

Spring? Is that you?

You can almost hear Spring coming! There’s 10 – 15 cms of snow going to be piling up tonight. This means we finally get a break from those -20 degrees mornings, because it will be a hot Winter day with temperatures around the -5 degrees! Yes!

And then in the morning, the snow will slowly change into freezing rain as the temperature will creep up to the 0 degrees (subtropical temperatures, no really), possibly to +2 degrees. Oh, then the storm will move away and the temperatures will sink down the drain, back to the double digits (minus) again. Oh noes…

Wait a second: didn’t I see the same pattern a week or so ago? No Spring in sight, just yet, then. On the plus side: at least the freezing rain will make everything look like a shiny ice palace.

This. means. Winter.

The last couple of days I had the tune of the game ‘This Means War’ (Microprose, 1993? 1994?) in my head and that, generally, is not a good sign.

I mean, from Thursday to Saturday the thermometer hit a new low with 30 degrees Celsius at night and in the early morning. If you can’t imagine how that feels, lets say it this way: -19 degrees is a lot warmer than -30. You can also easily tell the difference between the two temperatures: if it’s -30, whatever you breath out will freeze right on contact with the cold air. This doesn’t happen rightaway at -19 degrees Celsius.

There were also early warnings that we’re were going to get snow on Monday (tomorrow), but today, I have already cleaned the deck twice. Tomorrow it will be a bright white day, I think.

But I don’t want to close on a bad note, though: As they say in the US, ‘the state of the climate of New Brunswick is strong’. For example, I was always convinced that February was the coldest month of the year: However, Weather Canada says that statistically (the numbers, the numbers), January is the coldest month:

January is the coldest month in New Brunswick… [ ] … At Edmundston, the January mean temperature is -12.2C. As we move south, however, this coldness is gradually tempered by the effects of latitude and, to a greater extent, the sea. Along the south-eastern shores, the January mean is around -7.5C.

Uh, although I think they have to include this years temperatures. That will probably bring the average down to, a uh, slightly bit more.


We had the first snowstorm of the year, and from what I gather, it (was and) will be a lot worse in Nova Scotia, so why should I complain about our 15 or so centimeters? I mean, I dug out more snow than that and the tiring part is not the shoveling, but that hard ice, pushed in your yard by the provincial snowplow operators.

With the first snowfall, it was also a good time to make a quick checkup on the backyard: It looks a lot cleaner with the snow on the ground. I was a kind surprised to see fresh snow tracks already: upon closer inspection, it looked like deer were trying to get to the last bits of stuff hanging in the trees.

The neighbourhood seems to tell us that we should be hanging up our outdoors Christmas lights, which we (of course) don’t have for multiple reasons. One reason is that in our former accomodations it wasn’t really safe to put stuff outdoors. The other reason is that I’ve become a lot more cynical skeptic about Christmas.