We had the first snowstorm of the year, and from what I gather, it (was and) will be a lot worse in Nova Scotia, so why should I complain about our 15 or so centimeters? I mean, I dug out more snow than that and the tiring part is not the shoveling, but that hard ice, pushed in your yard by the provincial snowplow operators.

With the first snowfall, it was also a good time to make a quick checkup on the backyard: It looks a lot cleaner with the snow on the ground. I was a kind surprised to see fresh snow tracks already: upon closer inspection, it looked like deer were trying to get to the last bits of stuff hanging in the trees.

The neighbourhood seems to tell us that we should be hanging up our outdoors Christmas lights, which we (of course) don’t have for multiple reasons. One reason is that in our former accomodations it wasn’t really safe to put stuff outdoors. The other reason is that I’ve become a lot more cynical skeptic about Christmas.

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