On. I think.

Meteorites collectors, astronomers and researchers are trying to pinpoint the track of the meteor that lit the Prairies’ sky, last week. According to the latest calculations (Newtonian, hahaha), the meteor had a mass of 10 tons. I say, it was probably a good thing the meteor hit a not-so-densely populated area.

Cancer rates are down in the US, and hopefully, the same is true for other areas in the Western world. As for the US, maybe this is tied to the ‘Obama’ effect?

I’ve been carrying a virus with me the last couple of weeks and it appears that my immune system is slowly getting a grip on it. I’ve not been sick that often as relatives know: I’m fairly resistant against colds, but when it gets to me, it gets me. Maybe my system got too comfortable.

This also means that I postponed some of my coding projects, including the ‘safe translation’ of DAWG from Delphi to C#. I’m surprised how popular my wordfinders are, and have been, the last, what, 6 or 7 years? I’ve been planning to slowly move these applications over to something more reasonable, but never had the time to work on the newer algorithms. Sooner than soon, I hope.

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  1. Marian says:

    “..maybe this is tied to the ‘Obama’ effect?”

    Haha haha very funny.

    I also have a cold that has been lingering for almost a month. It’s bugging me.

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