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IConsolidate Statisticst’s that time of the year again, and a quick summary of last year’s statistics for this domain

As suggested last year, December 2008 pageviews hit beyond 100,000 mark: either directly or via any of the popular search engines. My prediction (that it was going to be earlier than December) was wrong though: Only January came as close to the 100,000 mark with ‘only’ 90,966 views (50,985 single page requests). However, the percentage of visitors that come via referrals has gone up substantially if compared to the regular views.

Over the year, the most popular search term is ‘the people are the heroes now’ (which tops on the Googles, I noticed). Initially, the search terms ‘pico salax’ dominated in both January and February of 2008. The rest of the year it was a fight between that ‘heroes’ thing and ‘serialport C#’. Apparently, there are a lot of people who look for the LinkSys wps54g printer device: most of them look for either a review or the default IP address (for the ones to bored to look it up, it tries to get an IP from a DHCP server). And way later in 2008 (November and December), people were looking for ‘Toshiba TA9’ reviews. I gave mine away in December and since the laptop wasn’t part of Toshiba’s official line that year, I assume others gave them away too. For what it’s worth: it’s is an excellent laptop.

I find it curious to see that there’s a huge dip in June 08: The regular ‘holiday’ dip always seems to occur in July and August. The other curiosity is that while Internet Explorer is obviously still the leading browser, both Firefox and Safari (KHTML) are solid 2nd and 3rd. I don’t expect Firefox to take over Internet Explorer: the browser market is too fragmented, particularly after the introduction of Google’s Chrome.

Update: I noticed that OpenOffice has changed the default colours for their charts.

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  1. alfons says:

    What’s so special about June 8th? It’s January 1st…

  2. alfons says:

    Your wordpress doesn’t like iPhones.

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