Web traffic

Rightxsamplex webtraffic 2005-2007 in time for this year: the current statistics for this domain, which includes a chart with extremely boring colours (click the image on the right of this paragraph).

Last year, I didn’t list the individual page views: these are hits that come to this domain via any of the popular search-engines. Last year, the most popular search terms were ‘pico salax’, followed by ‘serialport c#’, ‘com0com’ and ‘the people are heroes’. Around March 2007, people looking for ‘tim hortons roll up the rim’ ended up at my yearly ‘Roll Up The Rim’ posting. ‘Kerongcong’ was consistently ranked within the top 10 too overhere and that was mainly because this entry (about the death of my father and the music that was played during the funeral ceremony) was ranked first on Google for a couple of months. On the overall, it looks like programming terms are going to rule this site this year: from November 2007 on, most of the hits came from fellow programmers looking for specific C# stuff (particularly the serial port story). Additionally, from what I saw in January, local news and topics are consistently ruling the top 10 too: plenty of people ended up here because of the adventures of this lady.

To summarize, we may hit the 100,000 pages per month this year, but if we don’t, it’s probably because we didn’t write about the US elections.

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