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I was playing with Mono last night, only after I found out that it supports static compilation which makes Mono a lot more compelling for going cross-platform. Much to my surprise, I found out that some of my (personal) applications came unscathed through the Mono wrench: that is, they run and impressively, in some cases they do what they’re supposed to do. If I have time during the weekend, I’ll see if I can put some side by side comparison images together.

Back to physics: The Physics Factbook lists facts only with some hilarious sample calculations, like ‘the speed of a subway in ‘Batman Begins’, the speed of a ‘Rogue Bludger’ and the ‘Force of a SuperHero’. Not all of it useful. Of course.

I was duly impressed by this set of images of Earth (Warning: might load slowly). All images seem to come from the Earth Observatory and some of them make good background/wallpaper.

If you’re into American politics (and the current Obama administration): A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times featured Barack Obama’s top-advisers, aides and members of his administration. For some kind of reason, some photos look unreal (creepy at times). Unintentional, I gather.

Noteflight reminds me of a sequencer (Musicator GS) I used to program my Roland SCC-1. Noteflight is a site that allows you to write music online and (oh noes) share them with others. It looks neat, but I’m not sure if this concept will be a money-maker. That said, yeah, what happened to Musicator GS? Wait, maybe the company that made the programstill exists (the price hasn’t changed either, after all these years…).

Update 1: Recent Slashdot discussion about Mono.

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