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I was playing with Mono last night, only after I found out that it supports static compilation which makes Mono a lot more compelling for going cross-platform. Much to my surprise, I found out that some of my (personal) applications came unscathed through the Mono wrench: that is, they run and impressively, in some cases they do what they’re supposed to do. If I have time during the weekend, I’ll see if I can put some side by side comparison images together.

Back to physics: The Physics Factbook lists facts only with some hilarious sample calculations, like ‘the speed of a subway in ‘Batman Begins’, the speed of a ‘Rogue Bludger’ and the ‘Force of a SuperHero’. Not all of it useful. Of course.

I was duly impressed by this set of images of Earth (Warning: might load slowly). All images seem to come from the Earth Observatory and some of them make good background/wallpaper.

If you’re into American politics (and the current Obama administration): A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times featured Barack Obama’s top-advisers, aides and members of his administration. For some kind of reason, some photos look unreal (creepy at times). Unintentional, I gather.

Noteflight reminds me of a sequencer (Musicator GS) I used to program my Roland SCC-1. Noteflight is a site that allows you to write music online and (oh noes) share them with others. It looks neat, but I’m not sure if this concept will be a money-maker. That said, yeah, what happened to Musicator GS? Wait, maybe the company that made the programstill exists (the price hasn’t changed either, after all these years…).

Update 1: Recent Slashdot discussion about Mono.

Net. Net.

I read that the Mono developers officially released Mono 2.0, which promises compatibility with Microsoft .Net 2.0. The official announcement can be found at the Mono-project (releasenotes, if you’re impatient). The Slashdot discussion is right here.

There was a long thread (discussion, so you will) on the Postgres mailinglist about Debian, Postgres and backports (ugh!). The issue is complex and it’s a long story about why latest versions of Debian were stuck with older Postgres versions, while most platforms moved to the recent 8.x series of that database. Anyway, the good news is that it looks like that Debian Lenny will come with a more up-to-date version of Postgres. Or, something like that.

Going back to Slashdot, there’s an interesting thread about multi-threading, or rather, about recommendations about good books on this. I’ll be the first to admit that at one time I picked my nose up for .Net threading: I thought Delphi’s way was a lot more elegant, where you’re threading model essentially starts with creating descendants from Delphi’s TThread class. Threading, indeed is a different and difficult beast.