Against The 70’s

The only Against the 70s reason to get Mike Watt’s very first solo album, “Ball-Hog or Tugboat” was because his name had popped up on Sonic Youth’s ‘Whitey Album’ (and others). If I remember correctly, I wasn’t overly impressed with Watt’s album: It features a whole pot stew of musicians (Sonic Youth, Eddie Vedder) except for the onions. What. Huh.

From that album, the only interesting song is ‘Against the 70’s’ (30+ second sample), which features Eddie Vedder on the vocals and the onions. The only thing I can say about the song is that to this day, I have no idea what Vedder is singing about. However, for some kind of reason, I find the song amusing in the light of the the current US corporate mess: a CEO invokes the 5th amendment in a tainted peanut scandal that killed at least 9 people and the current banking crisis.

What’s more to say?

1 I used a generic album sleeve: I was kind of surprised to see the actual song appear on a Pearl Jam collector

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