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1. Earlier I mentioned “America at a Crossroads”, the excellent series broadcasted by the PBS. It appears that you might be able to find them as torrents online.

2. Via 3 Quarks Daily, too many ways of lacing your shoes. There are 2 trillion methods of tying your shoelaces.

3. You may have heard of Canada’s new enviromental plans. First they were (accidentally) faxed to the opposition. And then today there was a heated exchange between the Environment minister and well-known Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki. What you may not have heard, is that the (Progressive) Conservative premier of Newfoundland and Labrador Danny Williams and prime minister Stephen Harper don’t really seem to get along together. Williams has gone so far by encouraging voters in his province not to vote for Conservative candidates in the next elections.

4. US then: Tenet blasts Bush administration. I saw a brief section on CNN about this but turned it off fast after John King appeared to be blasting Tenet. Quite confusing. Has CNN suddenly become ‘non-liberal’ media1?

5. Via Gothamist, this excellent live performance of Bjork (Earth Intruders) at SNL’s. I always thought Bjork to be a genius: of course she’s weird, yes, but she’s definitely unique and always at the forefront of changing the direction of popular music. Excellent. And oh. Yes: she makes no sense.

And that’s it for Friday the 13th.

Update: Looks like this is the official clip for ‘Earth Intruders’.
1 It just came to me that this has nothing to do with pro-liberal or anti-liberal slants of the mainstream media. US broadcast corporations are just commercial institutions and evidently, they follow the ‘mainstream’ trends because that’s where the money is supposed to be made.

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