What software?

Two weird incidents: Earlier, I decided to look for a new version of The Gimp for Windows and ended up at WinGimp.org which provides downloadable Gimp versions, however, for a price. Right: I’m not sure if they’re related to the Gimp organization itself: so, if you need Gimp for Windows, go here, or download it straight from the here. The official Gimp for Windows homepage is right at Sourceforge. You can’t miss it. Notice that official Gimp packages are MD5-ed.

The second incident was that I decided to check out FoxTorrent. I was utterly surprised that the XPI installed an executable called RedSwoosh (which apparently seems to run a webserver/main torrent code). I don’t like that.

Staying on the software path: I read that Adobe has open-sourced the Flex project (more details). I’m not sure what Flex is all about, but if I remember correctly, this is what supposed to go head to head against Microsoft’s WinForms. Sample applications in Flex. And Slashdot discussion. Where does this leave Java?

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