A couple of things that need to be mentioned: Before I signed off last night, I was surprised about the flood of Digg postings that had to do with that HD-DVD. There’s no way to link to a specific day of postings at Digg, but I think this one (link to one of the founder’s blog) should give you a good overview what happened last night. The whole event was actually noticed by our beloved BBC, where it was reported as a ‘Internet user rebellion’. Quite true. (Metafilter and Slashdot coverage).

The TPMMuckraker is on to something too: For weeks (months?) the site has been monitoring the AG scandal and the recent postings all seem to have been quoting fired attorney-generals, all of them detailing or rather, specifically linking political motivations in this scandal. Carol Lam’s case (“DOJ official to Lam: Leave in Weeks Not Months”), Cummings case (DoJ Official to Cummins: Circumventing Senate Was “White House Plan”), Paul Charlton (USA: DoJ Official Wanted to Keep Me Quiet) and Daniel Bogden (Fired USA: DoJ #2 Said Performance Not Reason for Firing). Excellent reporting for a change.

I’ve not been able to follow the French presidential debate between Royal and Sarkozy (CNN link), but the result of the elections is going to be (probably) more of interest for my European relatives. Surprisingly, no mention of opinions on the future of Europe. That is unless I’m missing something1.

1 Sego vs. Sarko

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