Debian 4.0 & the other updates

So, after 21 months of development, it seems that Debian “Etch” 4.0 has been released. Which means that I have to get my jigdo-tools out of the safe and start downloading the CDs again (earlier on xsamplex). (There are also other ways to get your favourite Linux distro, but I personally have had good experiences with Jigdo).

If you’re not sure how Jigdo works (under Windows), download the tools from here (Atternet’s) and extract them to a directory of your liking. The next step is to get the right jigdo-file, which depends on which hardware you plan to run Debian on. Most likely that will be i386 (also pick which type download: CD-Rom/DVD). For the rest it’s just following the steps and have it run in the background, while you (so to speak) update your MySpace spot.

Right behind last week’s patch (re: anicursor security thing), Microsoft released a hotch-potch of other security patches. You can find them (and the details) at the regular location (and the other website I keep forgetting to mention).

That reminds me: I read Paul “Bayesian Spam” Graham’s post called ‘Microsoft’s death’, which caused a firestorm of follow-ups. I think I’ll keep the link fury limited by only pointing to Slashdot’s thread. I’ve never been a fan of Graham but reading his notes reminds me of my earlier claims that Microsoft is doomed to fail not because Linux this or MacOSX that: it has consistently failed to deliver. There were days that the company came out with something that was worth checking out from both user and developer’s view: nowadays, there’s only a handful of technologies that are actually interesting from a developer’s point of view. It will be interesting to see if they can turn the tide this year (particularly after [what appears] a botched Vista release).

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