If there was something like ‘Easter Night’, then it looks like Christmas outside. Snow that is and while this was obviously part of today’s forecast, it took me, dog and the snow plow drivers by surprise. It should be gone by tomorrow, I hope, but then temperatures are still hovering around the -3 to +2 degrees Celsius. What do you mean, it’s almost already Spring?

Talking about Easter, over here Good Friday is generally a statutory holiday. North Americans have never heard of ‘Second Easter Day’. If you live in a country that celebrates a ‘Second Easter Day’, consider yourself lucky.

Did you know that the calculation for the date of Easter is quite hard? The good news is (or was, historically speaking) that a well-known mathematician, Carl Friedrich Gauss, already came up with an algorithm. Literally, food for statistics:

In the Western Church, Easter has not fallen on the earliest of the 35 possible dates, March 22, since 1818, and will not do so again until 2285. It will, however, fall on March 23, just one day after its earliest possible date, in 2008. Easter last fell on the latest possible date, April 25 in 1943, and will next fall on that date in 2038. However, it will fall on April 24, just one day before this latest possible date, in 2011.

Mark down 2038 in your daily planner.

04/08/07 – update 1: The snowstorm is actually worse than I thought, which means digging out by noon (that is if the wind doesn’t let go).
– update 2: The news at CBC.
– update 3: What do they mean, ‘no weather warning in effect’ for this area?

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