The sm_jigdo.jpgLinux server (‘Elsie’) needs to be upgraded. After hours looking for a replacement of the Fedora Core 1 kernel I’m back at Debian.

A couple of years ago, Alfons sent up a couple of Debian disks, which I planned to use on an older computer for server purposes only. The installation got stuck: and apparently it was a known bug in the installer (if I remember correctly it had to do with PPPOE (PPP over ethernet). Everything was literally ready to go. The disappointment. I fell back to Plan B: a spare copy of (yessir) Caldera OpenLinux, which I had bought around Fall of 2000. Those were the days. Don’t mention it.

Anyhows: I’m rather impressed with the installer and naturally, jigdo. I only wish there were real servers-only Linux distributions that fit on only one CD. Preferably less.

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