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It’s a kind of a miserable day over here, which is right in time for some more miserable updates. I read for example that Microsoft is going to retire Windows XP in 2008, which means that OEMs will be forced to install Windows Vista on new PCs. Related: Vista Express Upgrade nightmare.

Earlier, Microsoft released a couple of Developer SDKs for their Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server (as the name implies) is Windows XP for well, home servers. This is old-hat for people who have been running (for example) desktops as Linux or BSD servers. I have been looking for a replacement for my Debian-based server, particularly I’ve been looking at mini-factor form cases that (guaranteed) consume less than 100 Watts. Yes, they do exist. Look at that! That said, the only part that makes Windows Home Server attractive is that SDK. (uh-oh: leak).

Apple’s forthcoming Leopard edition of OS-X has been delayed too, and the consensus in the media is that this is good news because of upcoming new secret features in that OS.

Earlier, LifeHacker showcased the top 10 Life Saving System Recovery tools and yes, it includes Knoppix. Alfons demoed Knoppix in early 2003 after one of my Windows computers suddenly broke down and refused to start up appropriately. We managed to copy data off it and converted the PC to either Fedora or Debian Woody.

Oh dear: A confession from Halle Berry that she ‘anonymously joined internet chatrooms to escape her famous persona’:

“I was just trying to chat anonymously and just be another person in the chatroom having a conversation. When I decided to say: ‘Oh by the way, the person you’ve been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry,’ they thought I was just some kook”

To that I can only say: “I’v3 533n yu 1n 4 J4m35 B0nd m0v13. LOL ROFLOMGZ!11”1

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