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The Duh

I think I saw the announcement of the new Boing-Boing TV on MetaFilter or Reddit, I can’t remember (Oh wait, it was via Laughing Squid). I generally have no problems with videocasts (For example, I always enjoyed watching ‘Rocketboom with … Continue reading

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MT, ToolTips

You may have noticed that version 4.0 of Movable Type has been officially ‘open sourced’ (at Digg). I prefer the rather more correct ‘Movable Type has been relicensed under a less restrictive (or more restrictiver, whichever you fancy) license’. After … Continue reading

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SerialPort and C#

What you need to know before you plan to work on Serial port communication: 0. Create a good test environment. You may need com0com (earlier) which can simulate a loopback between 2 ports. 1. Carefully choose between non-blocking and blocking. … Continue reading

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I added a minor project to the ‘Current Project’ section (Right here), a program in C# that generates classes based on table meta-data. It’s simple and it works: there are a couple of tricks how to collect metadata from ODBC … Continue reading

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You asked: Sharp+Develop+ODBC+example

I had that question appear in my logs a couple of times, and I assume, these are (beginning) .Net developers who want to have examples of accessing database servers via ODBC in C#. If you thought this was going to … Continue reading

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