I added a minor project to the ‘Current Project’ section (Right here), a program in C# that generates classes based on table meta-data. It’s simple and it works: there are a couple of tricks how to collect metadata from ODBC datasources.

Currently, I used ‘hardcoded’ datatype conversion (SQL_xxx -> Dot.Net type): I was in a rush and decided to (conveniently) forget about using reflection. That said, I keep forgetting about my linefeeds [sorry], but then, your Visual Studio formats everything nicely out anyway.

This reminds me that I’ve downloaded ‘Orcas’ yesterday, Microsoft’s CTP of the new Visual Studio IDE. It comes with a visual ‘class designer’ that allows you to create classes from tables like the generator above does, but obviously (at this stage) that feature only supports the typical MS-like database interfaces. Not much of a help if you work in other environments. The only interesting items are the new C#/.Net language extensions, like LINQ and XAML. And yes, the Dev Team finally decided to add a Compile to Target feature, which allows you to compile and link your executables with other .Net Frameworks.


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