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Elite 25

Via-via, I heard about the 25th anniversary of the computer game ‘Elite’ (Wikipedia), indeed as Wikipedia calls it, the seminal Space/Trading/Combat game released in September of 1984. It was first released for an Acorn BBC and over the years it … Continue reading

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Das Assortiment

Assorted links, noteworthy and that: Just last week, an EA executive said that rivaling console makers should concentrate on making a single gaming platform. According to him, incompatible consoles made life harder for both developers and customers. Not surprising, the … Continue reading

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What, Salamander?

By coincidence, I ran into videos of a guy completing the MSX game ‘Salamander’ (Salamander at Wikipedia). The video is in 4 parts and doesn’t include the very first stage: movies 1, 2, 3 and the end stage, 4. I … Continue reading

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You asked: most difficult shoot’em ups

Without a doubt, that would be Salamander, a Konami game released in 1986 (wikipedia). I played the game on an MSX-2 home computer and I actually tried to beat it last year (that older entry has a screenshot plus original … Continue reading

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More Hardware

Alfons earlier pointed to Basix, a company that recently released the One Chip MSX, a computer that is compatible with the MSX1/MSX2 standard1 (A press kit can be found here). Actually, the box is supposed to do more than just … Continue reading

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