Das Assortiment

Assorted links, noteworthy and that:

Just last week, an EA executive said that rivaling console makers should concentrate on making a single gaming platform. According to him, incompatible consoles made life harder for both developers and customers. Not surprising, the article reminds of this one time Microsoft initiative to create a common home computer platform, called MSX. Hey, you’ve heard it here before!

Sandisk is on a litigation rampage. It filed suit against 25 companies, claiming that they infringed on patents for a technology that most likely was not invented in their labs. The sun is free and that.

Via Alfons, I found out Google’s ‘Current Time Trick’, which allows you to find out what time it is in your favourite international city or capital of the world. If you weren’t already aware of this, to do this trick, you MUST HAVE INTERNET ACCESS of course. I throw in another trick: Windows only, if you keep the alt-key pressed in and click an icon on the desktop it will open the icon’s (program/shortcut) property-sheet. See also ‘Shell extensions’ in your Windows SDK book.

So, hey, KeePass, the password keeper software I have adopted since ages, has moved to .Net, and to be precise, its 2.0 version is written in C#. The source packages compile perfectly (without problems) in any Visual Studio version as long as you don’t forget to enter the right key number. For the unmanaged libraries, you may need to have a C/C++ compiler.

And last but not least, Gimp 2.4 was officially released yesterday, which comes with many exciting features, like… well, see for yourself.

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  1. alfons says:

    I like how the Gimp guys added features specific for digital photography. Now when are they supporting RAW files?

  2. alfons says:

    At least Apeldoorn houses Dutch nobility and other notables. Can’t say that of Twello.

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